Can you teach my wife or girlfriend? Sexual Healing Massage Therapy
Can you teach my wife or girlfriend? Sexual Healing Massage Therapy

The Video Course That Opened My Eyes to Sexual Healing Massage Therapy

I never would have guessed what I would find when I searched for sexual healing on the internet. I really wasn’t sure what I was in for, and what came back in my search really surprised me.

I had never heard of yoni massage before. I discovered a website that took me on a bit of a yoni massage journey, down a pleasure rabbit hole. Apparently, yoni massage is a very old practice that has been used for sexual healing for a long time.

What motivated me in searching for sexual healing? I was mainly curious about the topic. I knew that a lot of women have a hard time in sexually intimate situations, and I wanted to develop a deeper understanding of why this happens. Apparently, a woman’s body can develop numbness or resistance to pleasure when she has had negative experiences in intimacy in the past.

When women hold sexual trauma in their bodies, that trauma comes with them into any intimate reactions they have until they process what they are holding and find a way to release it from their bodies.

Yoni massage is a sexual healing massage therapy practice because it gives women an opportunity to express desires and boundaries openly, and to relax into receiving pleasure in a way that she is open to and ready to receive. It can give her an opportunity to work through any emotions that can come up while being touched pleasurably.

If a woman has difficulty relaxing enough to have an orgasm, a yoni massage can be an opportunity for her to practice relaxing into pleasure, and allowing her body to do what it naturally does while being touched. It can allow her to let go of her resistance, and to talk her body through any tightness or numbness that might occur, so she can have a new experience.

It is very important in sexual healing to have an opportunity to express both desires and boundaries. This is something that many women don’t have much practice with in intimate relationships, so a yoni massage container can be a strong chance for her to get used to saying what she wants to experience, and what she is not available for.

Yoni massage and this form of sexual healing can help a woman explore areas of her sexuality that she has not felt safe exploring within the context of your typical intimate relationship. When she has an opportunity to ask for the specific form of touch that she is yearning for, she can ask specifically for more touch in certain areas, like breast massage, or anal stimulation, or stronger g-spot stimulation. She can also explore areas of her sexuality that she had not felt comfortable exploring in intimate connections previously.

In my search for sexual healing, I came across a video course called “The Best She Ever Had,” in which an instructor taught pleasure techniques in real time while demonstrating the techniques on a woman. The course was strongly focused on yoni massage, and featured several videos that centered on the basic yoni massage practice as a foundation to pleasure.

The reason why I am so interested in sexual healing is because I am fascinated by the body’s mechanism of holding onto pain and trauma, and I was very curious about ways to release this kind of pain, in order to experience more pleasure. I also wanted to be exposed to the different ways that a woman’s sexuality can be explored through the context of this kind of practice.

The video course had the basic foundational massage videos to start with, and then there were also videos focused on breast massage, clit massage, g-spot massage, anal massage, using toys, and various forms of penetration and intercourse.

I had friends who were completely frozen in their marriages when it comes to pleasure and intimacy. So many women I knew were resistant to experiencing the full extent of their pleasure. They were shut down, numb in various parts of their body, and they were very closed off to their partners. I could tell that the trust had been eroded in their intimate relationships, or maybe it had never fully been there due to trauma experienced in the past.

It made me so sad to know that these women I knew were suffering from a lack of pleasure in their lives, and there was a sexual healing technique that would free them from that experience. It is so unnecessary for women to be existing in these sexual dynamics with the men in their lives. My deep dive into sexual healing research convinced me that their state was not necessarily permanent. Things could be shifted within their sexual dynamic, if they chose to engage in sexual healing.

Sexual Healing Massage Therapy

I purchased the course so I could continue learning everything I wanted to know about sexual healing. I began by watching their foundational videos, the basic yoni massages, so I could get a sense of what the practice was built on.

In each of these videos, the theme was the same. The instructor spent some time helping the women fully relax on his massage table, giving them a full body massage, and initially focusing on non-sexual touch. Apparently it is extremely important to help a woman relax before she receives pleasure, because it opens up the pathways to pleasure throughout her body by activating her pelvic nerve. Her entire body turns into one giant pleasure receptor when she is relaxed.

Once the women were relaxed on his table, he would then move into demonstration of teasing her most sensitive places – the sides of her breasts, the skin along her butt crack, the crease of her inner thighs. He talked about the importance of going slowly, drawing things out when it comes to providing pleasure, so that the amount of pleasure energy could build up inside her body.

The instructor would take breaks from his teasing, and spend some time giving some love to her feet or play with her hair. He talked about how even these non-sexual places could become erogenous zones when a woman is fully relaxed and already in her pleasure.

After a generous amount of teasing, he would then ask the women to flip over onto their backs. He pulled their legs open wide, exposing their pussies to the air and to his view. He demonstrated some teasing of her breasts, and some simultaneous touch on her pussy.

One of the most obvious things to me was just how much time and care he took in drawing out the pleasure for each woman, listening to her body, and spending more time in areas that were clearly extremely stimulating for her. It was pretty noticeable how much time went into his efforts, and just how present he was with what was happening with each woman’s body.

When it was time to move his full focus to each woman’s pussy, he used a slightly different technique with each woman, listening to her body and trusting that when a movement seemed to be doing good things for her, he stuck with it for as long as her body was desiring it.

With one hand on her clit and another playing around the opening of her vagina, then dipping inside to stimulate her g-spot, the instructor guided each woman to her own unique and powerful orgasm.

I continued watching more of the other videos, diving deeper into other forms of pleasure instruction. It was fascinating to watch the instructor gently encouraging women to be in their bodies and open to the pleasure they were receiving. It was exciting to watch women in their turn on, in their own excitement over the exploration they were experiencing.

This course was very eye-opening when it comes to sexual healing massage therapy and women’s pleasure. There was a lot that I didn’t understand about how women experience pleasure, and now I have a clear understanding of the way that women can release emotions and associations they are holding from the past, so that they can have a new experience with pleasure and intimacy with partners.

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Can you teach my wife or girlfriend? Sexual Healing Massage Therapy
Can you teach my wife or girlfriend? Sexual Healing Massage Therapy
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