Male for female cuddle session
Male for female cuddle session

Male for female cuddle session

When we consider male for female cuddle sessions, this might be a good place to discuss your milestones. The way I typically describe it is, we all have a spectrum of possible sexual activities. I like to use the numbers 1-1000. Imagine 1 is no sexual knowledge or experience of any kind and 1000 is the most sexually experienced and knowledgeable person. 

Within the bands of your spectrum you have topics, like intercourse, oral, anal, bdsm etc. One could imagine 100’s of topics that could be within someone’s spectrum. Much of what I do is to coach and consult with people that are looking to grow their comfort within level(s) about or within whatever the next topic or milestone activity one wishes to experience.

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With coaching and consulting I offer free practice sessions where one can obtain some hands on experience practicing the desired activity. The idea here is that you can challenge your own limits or inhibitions, in a safe structured environment where your boundaries are strictly maintained.

Cuddling would probably be at the lower end of the spectrum, near hugging or holding hands. For illustrative purposes, I am numbering some escalatory milestones to give you and idea of how granular you might want to articulate your boundaries. The boundaries I put forth here are merely examples to give you ideas. You may wish to group some, omit some or even create your own. 

Milestone 1, Safe transition Fully clothed. Having both cuddle partners being fully clothed, allows for some practice being very close to another person without having to deal with inhibitions about nudity or body issues for example. Once you feel like this is very safe for you, you might wish to proceed to your next milestone.

Milestone 2, Partial clothing. This is again up to you as to what this means whether its shorts and a tank top or bra and panties. But its is an incremental step towards more vulnerability and intimacy than being fully clothed.

Milestone 3, No Clothes. Being naked is certainly more incrementally vulnerable than partially clothed but just because we (or maybe one of us is) are naked, that doesn’t mean we don’t still maintain your boundaries. So here we look at how each new activity we practice may add to our excitement, we still get to feel safe in knowing that we are only practicing a very specific activity. This is not permission for me to “take a mile” after you have “given an inch.” T

These practice sessions are vastly different than your ordinary sexual encounters in that you get to limit them to very specific conditions. Whatever your specific interest that you want to practice without having to submit to unwanted or undesired advances is, is all that we will practice until you are ready to proceed to your next milestone.

Milestone 4, Body pressure. This can be clothed or any level of unclothed that interests you. It can also be your choice of whether you wish to receive or provide the body pressure by being either on top or beneath your provider. This is not to insinuate that genitals will be in contact in any way. But that is certainly something that is available for discussion.

Milestone 5, Receive Erotic or Sensual touch. As you practice cuddling and you relax into feeling body contact, you may eventually wish to have some form of more direct contact with places like your breasts, butt or vulva. Again, you determine exactly what this might include as well as must not include. This brings you one more step towards receiving what you eventually wish to accomplish.

Milestone 6, Give or provide sensual or erotic touch. Maybe you are wishing to advance your familiarity of male anatomy during your cuddle session. Or maybe that just feels good for you for your own reasons. Whatever your reasons, I am not here to judge. The idea is you are seeking to advance in your increment, and I am here to provide safe and predictable opportunities for you to explore within.

Milestone 7, Aroused body parts. It can be hard to cuddle and not become aroused at some point. I can’t guarantee that I won’t become aroused if I cuddle with you. If that is something that you wish to not happen, please let me know. Sometimes it is easier for me to subdue my arousal if I know that it is helping you get your needs met that I do that. 

On the other hand, usually, the idea of cuddling is to obtain an experience that includes varying levels of intimacy. If to you that includes being able to feel my genitals in an aroused state against you, that is certainly available for discussion. Of course the possibility of feeling your arousal manifest in contact is also an option. 

Milestone 8, Something of your choosing. Cuddling and body touch can be a great starting place for someone that wants to begin slowly and progress at their own pace. Maybe you have ideas around cuddling that I haven’t mentioned here. I won’t be surprised. People have so many ways of expressing themselves. I love to hear your ideas and interests. Most of the time I can be accommodating, so please feel free to ask about your own specific interests.

The milestones here have no specific or particular significance. I just numbered them to show you that we can isolate particular activities down to small increments so you can build your objectives around precisely what you want to experience while putting tight boundaries on anything that you don’t want to experience. 

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So if you only wanted to have a cuddle session that was all about cuddling partially clothed and nothing else, you could ask for that, and that would be all that would happen. 

That doesn’t mean that if part way through the session, if something changed and you wished to explore another milestone, that you wouldn’t be able to do so. Just be aware that if you give me boundaries, I will not cross them just because you hope I will. That’s not the idea here. That would be practicing consent. 

If you wish to modify your boundaries over the course of your session, that is fine with me. I even encourage that. But you have to ask. You have to find a way to let me know that you would like to give me additional consent to do what was previously outside of your boundaries. That would include pretty much anything that you have NOT told me that you would like me to do, DURING THAT SESSION.

 Going beyond your Male for female cuddle session

You need to keep in mind that if you have not asked me to do something (consented), I will not proceed to do it OR ask you if you want it. I refrain from advancing the way men typically advance, so you can practice giving or withholding consent, and being in control of your body and experience. I would love to eventually provide every milestone advance your libido can imagine. But only when you are completely ready for it and are fully consenting to it at that time.

So, cuddling can be a great place to begin your adventure, especially if you are nervous. It can also be a great activity for singles or touch deprived women. Click below to schedule your cuddle session today.

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Male for female cuddle session
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