Sex Surrogate Seattle
Sex Surrogate Seattle

My Yoni Massage and Sex Surrogacy Experience when I Searched for Sex Surrogate Seattle

The version of me who exists in relationship is a woman who likes to have a lot of sex. At the very least, I desire daily sex, and often I desire it more than once a day. It’s possible this is hypersexuality, or it’s possible I am just a woman with a high sex drive. At times, in certain relationships, I have wondered if I am a nymphomaniac. This is what led me to seek out a sex surrogate Seattle experience.

Because of this high desire for sex, there have been periods of my life when I have been single when I have really struggled with my mental health. Having such a high desire and no outlet or ability to satisfy my desire was extremely demoralizing. I would go through long periods of depression, not exactly sure what the reason was, only to be reminded when I would finally find a sexual partner and feel a part of myself revived that had been absent.

My need for sexual expression runs very deep, and it took me a lot of years of going without for periods of time to recognize that sex is a basic physical need for me. Some people just need regular sexual release, and I am one of those people.

I was in a long term relationship for many years, and was able to meet my need for sexual release sufficiently, until the relationship came to an abrupt end. Now that I was at a point in my life where I was acknowledging this was a basic need for me, I wanted to find a healthy way to continue to meet this need, even while I was single.

This is when I got curious about sexual surrogacy, and I searched for sex surrogate Seattle and discovered that there are some yoni massage practitioners who will also provide sexual surrogacy services.

These are men who understand that sex can be a basic need for women just as much as it can be for men. A man who offers yoni massage – a massage practice that is solely dedicated to the pleasure and desire fulfillment of women – can also be a man who will offer sexual surrogacy with the same intention – to meet the basic sexual needs of a woman.

I believe all women have basic sexual needs, but some have a much stronger desire and sex drive than others. When I realized that there were some men out there who are therapeutically offering to engage in sexual intimacy in order to serve the needs of women, I was deeply touched. I think it is a really beautiful intention and motivation.

I happened to find a man who was local who was offering yoni massage. He had a lengthy menu of experiences listed on his site, including full sexual contact and sexual surrogacy. The idea of being able to have really fulfilling sex with someone who was a professional was very intriguing. What would a professional even do? This was a question that fueled a lot of erotic playtime for me for quite a while.

Even more intriguing than my curiosity about a pleasure professional’s skill, was the awareness that a professional arrangement would allow me to settle into a deeper level of trust and relaxation during sexual engagement than would be possible if I were to make a romantic connection with someone new. Having clear distinction around emotional and sexual boundaries would in some ways allow me to open more fully to a sexual experience.

I was intrigued enough to want to try out the experience of paying for sexual surrogacy. If it was a really satisfying exchange, I could have a really simple way of meeting my basic needs, maybe less often than I would ideally like to, but enough to make a real difference during the time that I was single. Actually, it could dramatically relieve the pressure around finding a new romantic connection, in such a way that I could allow myself to do so completely organically.

I reached out to the local yoni massage practitioner and told him I was interested in exploring sexual surrogacy. I wanted him to know I wasn’t just interested in manual stimulation of my pussy – I wanted penetration. We set up our initial appointment, after I had established that that was my desire and expectation.

Looking for a sex surrogate Seattle experience?

I arranged to have him come to my house for my appointment, as he specified he did house calls. Since I was clear that I wanted to have penetrative sex, it felt more comfortable to invite him to my place, so we could be in my own bed, if that’s where I wanted to be touched. Frankly, I absolutely loved the idea of inviting a man to come cater to my pleasure in my own bed.

When we arrived, we had a brief conversation around any boundaries I wanted in place, and what I wanted to experience. He asked specifically if there were any places I did not want to be touched or if there were specific ways I definitely wanted to be touched. I let him know that I simply was ready to allow him to follow the energy of my pleasure. I simply wanted to be pleasured.

We went into my bedroom, and he asked me to remove my clothes and lie face down on the bed. I excitedly complied. He began by rubbing his hands along my entire body, massaging the length of my back and my arms and legs. As he massaged, I felt myself relaxing and melting into the bed. I could also feel my body lighting up with pleasure.

As he massaged, he would casually dip his hands along the sides of my breasts, or along the insides of my thighs, heightening the teasing sensation of pleasure. My body began to crave him touching me in my most sensitive of places.

He asked me to roll over onto my back, and he began to massage the front of my body in the same fashion. My pussy was quite moist as he massaged my breasts and the front of my legs, dipping his hand down between my thighs and grazing me. My body was longing for him to touch me.

His hands dipped into my pussy and his fingers tickled my clit and gently dipped into my vagina. I was dripping, electrified from head to foot, my pussy begging to be penetrated. I asked him to remove his clothes, and to let me see his cock. I wanted to hold it, to play with it a bit before he penetrated me.

He removed his pants and it felt so gratifying to hold his manhood in my hands, feeling his girth, allowing my pussy to get excited about being penetrated by it. I found I wanted to be entered from behind – I wanted to feel the full length of him penetrating me – I wanted him to fully fill me, banging against my ass and my hips, allowing me to feel the full force of him.

I rolled over on the bed and got up on all fours, and asked him to penetrate me. I wanted to be fucked. I wanted to feel that feeling of him banging up against me, fully filling me. It was an absolutely delicious sensation.

He gave me all he had and delivered on exactly the kind of pounding I had been craving, and my ability to trust him to stay within the parameters of what I had said I desired freed me up to easefully communicate to him all of my desires – all the ways I had been longing to be fucked, all the ways I had been craving to be touched, even some of the more dirty fantasies I had that I felt I had no outlet for previously.

He held space for it all. He made me feel attractive and desirable in the face of it all, and it was all supremely satisfying. His services have now become an irreplaceable fixture in my single sexuality – I can always call him when I have a craving and absolutely no one else available to scratch that itch. The freedom it has brought with it to acknowledge what I am really craving and desiring has been unbelievable.

It turns out I have an absolutely voracious sexual appetite, and I am so grateful that services such as yoni massage exist, so that I can cater to my own needs and put myself in a position to operate as my best self. I require sexual attention to functi0n best, and I am no alone as a woman in needing this. It feels revolutionary to claim it for myself.

Yoni massage and sexual surrogacy are both extremely liberating tools when it comes to discovering the power of your own sexuality. I am glad I searched for sex surrogate Seattle. I am so grateful to have encountered this outlet and possibility.

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