My CNC Sleep Sex Fantasy
My CNC Sleep Sex Fantasy

How My Yoni Massage Therapist Helped me Fulfill my Sleep Sex Fantasy

When I discovered the existence of a local yoni massage therapist, I was beyond excited, because I knew that it was a possibility that I could explore my fantasy of experiencing sleep sex.

For the longest time, I have fantasized about a stranger breaking into my home while I’m sleeping, sneaking into my bedroom, and groping me while I’m still asleep. I wanted to experience that taboo feeling of a man taking advantage of my unguarded state in my sleep, and using my body for his own pleasure.

I especially loved the idea of having the experience of waking up to a man already touching me sexually. I wanted to experience that inner turmoil, that feeling of conflict when my body was already a bit turned on, even though I knew that it wasn’t right to be turned on by what was happening.

I wanted that feeling of being violated, without actually having to feel fear for my life. I wanted the feeling of something being taken from me against my will, without actually having to experience the trauma and violence that comes from something actually being taken against my will. I wanted to play in this fantasy without having to fear for my own safety.

So when I found the website of the local yoni massage therapist, I got really excited when I saw that he also offers sexual surrogacy services and fantasy fulfillment. There were a bunch of testimonials on his site from women who had experienced their fantasies through him, in a beautiful and safe way.

I sat for a while, delving into their various stories, feeling into the possibilities behind his offers. There were so many sexual scenarios I could see myself potentially engaging in with him.

When I saw a mention of sleep sex, I got so excited, because I knew I could tell this man what I wanted to experience, and he would do his best to deliver it. He was even willing to come to my house!

Since I wanted him ultimately to “break into” my home, I decided to meet him at a coffee shop first, to get a sense of who he was as a person, and to discuss everything I wanted to experience in the fantasy. So we met up and spent an hour chatting about everything, and I felt like he had trustworthy energy, as a person.

I then gave him my address, and instructions to get in the house, and set up plans for him to “break in” one night, while I was asleep, and take advantage of me. I was so excited for this experience!

The evening of m sleep sex encounter

When the night came, I left the door unlocked, and had a big whiskey cocktail and put myself to bed. The plan was for him to “break in” about an hour later. I was eventually able to fall asleep, despite my anticipation. I was completely naked.

When he came in later, I woke when I heard him. My body was on alert. I listened to him make his way through my house, and pretended to remain asleep. When he opened my bedroom door, I didn’t move. I let him think I was still asleep.

He walked in the room and very slowly and gently peeled the covers down off of me. I continued to pretend to be asleep, laying on my stomach, with one of my knees pulled up a bit. I liked that he wasn’t quite sure if I was really asleep or not.

He moved down to the end of the bed, and started by touching both my feet. Very slowly, very gently, he caressed my feet and up my legs. He slowly pushed my knees open a little further, exposing my pussy and ass to the open air.

I heard him let out a little lustful groan as he kneeled over me on the bed, taking in the sight of my juicy pussy. I was absolutely on fire with excitement… even though I had met up with him and seen his face, he was still practically a complete stranger to me, and here I was, ready to let him touch me in my most intimate places.

Having opened my legs up wider, he settled himself between them behind me, and slowly slid his hands up the back of my thighs. I could feel my pussy aching for him to touch it. He moved his hands painfully slowly up my thighs, dipping in between them, then drawing his fingers back out to follow the curve of my butt cheek.

I still pretended to be asleep, and I wasn’t sure if he thought I was asleep or not, which was really hot to think that he might be feeling like he was really getting away with something in this moment (something I had asked him to get away with) but still… even with my prior agreement, it still felt taboo. It felt incredibly naughty and wrong that this man who was practically a stranger to me was lusting after my pussy, thinking about how he was going to dip his fingers into it, and then his dick.

He let out another little groan as he ever so softly dragged his fingers along my outer labia. He traced the creases at my inner thighs. With a single finger, he dragged his touch all around the outside of my pussy, including across the top above my clit.

My pussy was absolutely ablaze. I could feel it squirming, automatically beginning to reach for his touch. I was dying for his fingers to enter me, and to find all my most sensitive places.

He moaned a little again, as he slowly started to dip his finger into my hot wetness, tracing the inside of my labia, running his finger in a figure eight around my clit. I started to feel like I wouldn’t be able to pretend to sleep much longer. What he was doing was already making me want to moan. But I wanted to extend that feeling of taboo, as well.

I wanted to keep feeling that delicious feeling of wrongness. That feeling of having something thrust upon me that I didn’t invite (though I actually did, ha). It felt good to feel like he was “taking” something from me. I loved how naughty it felt to have this strange man caressing me in my sleep.

Groaning more heavily now, he steadily slipped his fingers inside me, one of them finding my clit and gently circling it. A little moan escaped my lips and my hips started rocking themselves against his fingers. His moans of appreciation increased in their intensity.

I heard him opening his pants up behind me, and I knew he was pulling out his cock, getting himself ready to penetrate me. My mind was exploding, saturated in the pleasure he was giving me with his hand, satisfied by the taboo nature of it all, the novelty and the heightened excitement… and I couldn’t wait for him to enter me with his cock.

He leaned over me, and started rubbing his cock against the outside of my pussy, using my pussy juices to lubricate himself and gently circling the opening of my vagina. I moaned again and rocked my hips against him, urging him to enter me. He moaned again and slowly sunk himself into me, inch by inch, until he was fully buried in my pussy.

My body had a huge spasm. I was so turned on and filled with pleasure that my pussy just radiated with pleasure as he entered me. I wanted him to fuck me now, and I wanted him to fuck me hard.

I stopped caring about seeming like I was asleep. I stayed where I was, and let myself get lost in the pleasure of him fucking me. He could tell that’s what I wanted to do, so he let himself steadily increase his intensity, until he was penetrating me with full force, and I was crying out with every stroke.

I was in heaven. It had been a long time since my pussy had been pounded so thoroughly, and I felt that deep feminine urge to just be fucked into oblivion. There is nothing that compares to the feeling of a good hard pounding from a man.

He let himself loose and clearly enjoyed giving it to me good, and when it was time for him to cum, he pulled himself out and let out a guttural moan as he came all over my ass and my back.

As he laid there and recovered, he softly caressed my pussy, sending little shocks and shivers of pleasure through my body, as I lay in my afterglow, having loved the complete novelty of my sleep sex fantasy. Being seduced into waking has officially become one of my favorite things. And I have made multiple appointments with my yoni massage therapist to explore different themes.

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My CNC Sleep Sex Fantasy
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