Talk Dirty To Me
Talk Dirty To Me

I Found a Talented Man Who Likes to Talk Dirty to Me

Dirty talk is a special skill. For a long time, I’ve been looking for a man who knows how to talk dirty to me. It’s a particular vibe. There are so many men who have no idea how to talk to a woman in a sexy way.

Many men are pretty limited when it comes to the verbal expression of their sexuality. For a lot of men, sexuality is reduced to a few grunts and groans, and mostly physical expression.

I am specifically turned on by a man who has a way with words. I want him to appeal to my mind, to be able to describe to me what he would like to do with me and my body. I am a sapiosexual, after all… the pathway through my turn on is through my mind. I need to know that someone understands the nuance of me.

It is through someone’s language that they convey their understanding of both my inner and outer landscape. I am most turned on by a man who can perceive both. Speak to the landscape of my body, and my physical landscape, but also show you have some awareness of what moves me emotionally.

Men who are one-dimensional don’t interest me. I need a man who can talk dirty to me. Men who are solely interested in sex as a physical connection, hold absolutely no power over me. I have to have a connection with someone who knows how to spend time with my mind.

I was really looking for this deeper verbal connection, when I found a man online who seemed to fit all my desires. He was attentive, attuned, and quite observant. He was patient, and respectful. It made me feel like he was genuinely interested in what made my pleasure tick.

I was looking for a man who I could curl up with on my phone, and delve into fantasy for an evening, eventually ending up having a powerful orgasm. I loved the idea of getting cozy, and focusing solely on a naughty conversation.

When I first connected with him, I was a bit nervous, and a bit dubious. I didn’t really trust that a man could just play with me in the realm of fantasy, and talk dirty to me in a way that really turned me on. I hadn’t had a lot of experiences that were positive in receiving what I wanted from men.

What happened when I found a man to talk dirty to me:

-Hi, his first message said. I hear you want to play with some naughty fantasies? I would love to know what your favorite fantasy is?

-Hi! Yes, I’m a little nervous, but also excited to talk to you about it!

-Nervous is understandable. I am a new connection, so it seems very natural that you might feel nervous with me. Don’t worry, this is a completely judgment free space. Whatever your fantasy, I would love to play with it with you.

-Okay… well my favorite fantasy right now is the idea of having my body worshipped from head to toe while making love to a man.

-Mmm… that’s very sexy. I absolutely love worshipping a woman, helping her to feel like a divine feminine being, one of the sexiest creatures on the planet. Do you enjoy a nice, slow tease?

-Frankly? I wouldn’t know… I have never experienced that with a man. The men I have dated have been more wham, bam, thank you ma’am.

-Would you like for me to describe to you how I would go about a nice, slow, worshipping tease?

-That sounds deliciously naughty…

-I’m glad it sounds good to you. Giving your body some long, slow attention sounds really good to me. I would start by worshipping your feet. Gently massaging them, then touching them more firmly. Then I would slowly slide my fingers between your toes, giving some attention to that sensitive skin. Tell me… have you ever had your toes sucked on?

-No… but I do very much love foot massages.

-Well then, I feel like there is a really good chance you will love how it feels as I take each of your toes into my mouth, and swirl my tongue around them and between them. There are some really sensitive nerves in there that send little messages all the way up your legs and straight to your pussy. For some women it can simply be orgasmic.

-That sounds incredibly sexy… I have to admit… I’m getting pretty wet thinking about how that might feel.

-Good… I know that your pussy would be getting very juicy, as I love on your toes, and keep massaging your feet. I would then kiss and lick my way up the front of your legs, gently pulling your legs open wider, bringing my kisses deeper inside your thighs. Have you had someone tease your inner thighs before?

-No… it’s starting to feel a little embarrassing how many pleasurable experiences I haven’t had before… I have a feeling there will be other things you mention I haven’t experienced either… that’s why this is in the realm of fantasy for me!

-Well good… I’m happy to enlighten you. With your legs open nice and wide for me, I will slowly drag my tongue along the crease where your inner thigh meets your pussy. From bottom to top, and then back again, on each side. I’ll let my breath touch your pussy, like fogging the mirror with my warm breath.

-That sounds like a very big tease. I bet I would be dying for you to touch my pussy.

-Probably, but I won’t yet. First, I’ll kiss my way up your belly, around the sides of each of your breasts, up to your neck, your ears, and the sensitive places up around your head. Is your neck a big turn on for you?

-Yes… it makes me weak in the knees when a man makes out with my neck. It’s a super sensitive place for me.

-I will lick and kiss and suck on your neck, while I let my hands wander down to your sensitive nipples, giving them a gentle flick and twist. When your nipples are played with, can you feel how the pleasure energy connects down to your pussy?

-I think so… I think I can feel how my nipples talk to my pussy… especially while my neck is being kissed, too.

-I would follow my fingers with my tongue on your nipples, slowly circling them, sucking on them, nibbling them. Then my fingers would wander down to your pussy. I would gently grasp and squeeze on your clit through your labia, stimulating you through your pussy lips, sending little electric shocks back and forth between your nipples and your clit. Is your pussy getting juicy thinking about this?

-You have no idea… I have been touching myself as you describe what you would do to me. You’re going to make me cum.

-That’s the idea… I hope you have a really juicy orgasm while thinking about me pleasuring your pussy. Because now that I’m at the point of giving some direct attention to your pussy, the real worship can begin. Do you enjoy having your pussy orally worshipped?

-I do… I love when a man sucks on my clit.

-All in good time, love. First, I would slowly drag my tongue into all the spaces within your pussy lips, all your folds and crevices, everywhere I can find for my tongue to lick. Just the tip of my tongue, ever so softly and slowly. I would drag it in slow circles around your clit. Can you draw your legs back and hold your knees for me? I want to see you fully open and vulnerable for me.

-Yes… I can hold myself open for you, so you can reach everywhere with your tongue.

-Good girl… I will suck on your clit, gently at first, then more and more firmly, as your hips begin to rock back and forth. I will plunge my tongue into your pussy, thrusting my tongue in and out of you, while tweaking your clit with my fingers. Then I will switch it up and move my tongue to your clit, and dip my fingers into your pussy, feeling for your g-spot. Are you getting close to cumming?

-Yes… I have been playing with myself furiously… tell me how you will make me cum?

-I will thrust into you with my fingers, sucking and licking on your clit, letting you pull my face into your pussy more firmly, sticking with the stimulation until you explode into an orgasm all over my face. Let me know when you are able to cum…

-I just had a beautiful orgasm, thank you! That was a really sexy fantasy…

We went on to have more talks about different fantasies of mine. I love how good he is at describing what he will do. It’s a huge turn on! It gives me plenty of fodder for my fantasies about a man who likes to talk dirty to me.

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Talk Dirty To Me
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