Yoni Massage Therapy Benefits: How Yoni Massage Can Help You Liberate Yourself and Reclaim Your Sexual Sovereignty

I help women liberate themselves and reclaim their sexual sovereignty as a major part of my soul-driven work. For years, this has been my passion – to help other women feel free. When I discovered yoni massage and yoni massage therapy benefits, I knew immediately that I had stumbled into a modality that was deeply impactful when it comes to sexual liberation for women.

Yoni massage is an erotic massage experience that is focused entirely on a woman’s pleasure, and seeks to provide her erotic desires. It is an opportunity for a woman to select a particular erotic experience she would like to explore and to relax fully into receiving the experience without any concern about reciprocation, unless she desires it.

Why this focus on sexual sovereignty and yoni massage therapy benefits? What does it mean for a woman to reclaim her sexual sovereignty? What exactly is it that she needs to be freed from? These are all very powerful questions.

Most women today were raised in such a way that we have grown up to become our own jailers, guarding a jail cell of our own construction. Society has evolved, I’ll focus particularly on American culture (though this problem is worldwide and is represented by a wide spectrum of feminine experience around the world,) in such a way that women are socially programmed to limit ourselves. We are socialized to police our own expression.

Women’s sexuality, the sinfulness of it’s expression, is an idea that is impressed upon women from a very young age. We are taught that we are responsible for hiding our sexuality, for guarding our sexual nature to protect it from those who would desire to violate its sanctity. We are taught that our sexual nature is something dirty that we must keep out of sight. As a result of this, many women are repressed and do very little of their own exploring.

At the very same time, we are taught that our bodies belong to others. This is impressed upon us through a variety of experiences. Personally, I remember understanding at a very young age that I was expected to put up with and just smile about the weird way my uncle would touch my head and shoulders, even though I did not feel like being touched, and I didn’t like the energy behind his touch. I understood, without having to be told, that it was preferable that I sit with my discomfort rather than speak up and create a boundary and potentially make everyone else in the room feel uncomfortable.

As young girls, we grow up watching women’s bodies and sexuality being used to sell commodities. We understand that sex sells, that sex is powerful, but, at the same time, our sexuality does not belong to us, it is not ours to flaunt. We are supposed to keep it hidden. At best, our sexuality belongs to our future husbands.

In pornography, we watch women’s bodies and faces being used as though they were objects – just holes to be penetrated. In pornography, the camera is never focused on the man, in fact, most often we only see a portion of a man’s body. That’s because the power and attraction of pornography lies with the feminine. A woman being her sexy self is inherently powerful, inherently attractive. It is what gets something to sell, or to be consumed.

Curious about yoni massage therapy benefits?

For most women, the idea of being sexually liberated, of fully embodying her sensuality and owning her sexuality is a foreign concept. Most women have had enough experiences in life for her to learn unconsciously that embodying this sexual energy does not feel safe. For some women, it makes them feel out of control. Many women require something like alcohol to even be able to relax enough to get in touch with this sexual energy. The resistance to embodying it comes from living a series of experiences that contributed to the creation of the idea that being in this energy is risky and can lead to harm.

Many women have experienced deep trauma in relationship to their sexuality. Many have been assaulted or raped, most have somehow been harassed. Many have been blamed for what they have experienced in relation to their sexuality. Many have been programmed to blame themselves. Many don’t even recognize what they have been through as a violation because of this programming.

In my work, I help women come to terms with this realization. That, up until this point, we women have NOT been completely free in any society. It is up to each woman individually to claim her own freedom, to step into her own liberation so that this collective truth can be shifted. Women WILL be free. And sexual liberation and sovereignty is a huge piece of this shift.

Enter yoni massage – – Why is this beautiful, healing, therapeutic modality something I believe in so wholly? Because yoni massage is a safe environment, a clear container in which we can confront our body’s relationship to experiencing pleasure, and move through any blocks that are currently keeping us from our fullest capacity for pleasure.

Yoni massage is an opportunity for a woman to get crystal clear on what she desires to experience, communicate it clearly and feel well received, then to practice allowing herself to receive it. It sounds so simple, but it’s true – experiencing more pleasure in life is about opening ourselves and allowing ourselves to receive it.

Pleasure is available in abundance, all around us, at all times. Pleasure is a frequency we tune into. It is about allowing ourselves to be delighted by an experience. It is about being present with the sensation of pleasure, and allowing it to permeate our being.

A yoni massage session allows us to focus on just this – on being present with that which we are experiencing and allowing ourselves to absorb all of the pleasurable sensation available to us in that moment. A yoni massage experience is an opportunity for a woman to ask for the experience she desires, and then to practice relaxing into fully receiving it.

A yoni massage practitioner is not interested in anyone’s pleasure, but yours. In most sexual experiences, a woman is usually concerned with how she is expected to reciprocate in some fashion. During a yoni massage, a woman receives the unique experience of having the entire session dedicated to her pleasure, and she also has the unique opportunity to select a wide variety of experiences she suspects she would enjoy.

A basic yoni massage begins with a relaxing full body massage, a full relaxation of the body, awakening the vagal nerve to invigorate the pleasure receptors throughout your body. Your entire body becomes highly stimulated. It then becomes a slow tease, occasionally stimulating your most sensitive areas – the sides of your breasts, your buttocks, your labia. With a steady increase in stimulation, gradually increased in your most sensitive places, until you very likely experience an intense orgasm.

This is only the basic experience, however. Yoni massage therapy benefits covers a wide range of erotic experiences, and a full menu of options is available from most yoni massage practitioners. For example, if a woman would like to experience anal massage or stimulation for the first time, this option is available to her. Or another example, if a woman would like to experience double penetration – penetration of her vagina and her anus at the same time, this option may be available to her.

How does this relate to the reclamation of our bodies and our sexuality as women? Simply in that this practice is an open container, an opportunity to get curious and explore around our existing relationship to receiving pleasure, as well as an opportunity to mindfully expand in our exploration of pleasure. It is also a practice that can allow us to process any trauma that remains in our bodies that is blocking us from experiencing the sensations of pleasure. It can be an arena in which we can mindfully re-pattern our relationship to receiving pleasure from men. It can help us trust men again, by giving us an opportunity to voice our boundaries, and to experience having our boundaries respected.

In short, receiving a yoni massage is an excellent opportunity for a woman to explore her relationship to her sexuality, to her own body, to receiving pleasure from men, to creating her own boundaries, to owning her desire for certain things or lack thereof, and many other things. Receiving a yoni massage can be a major personal growth experience for many. Many experience it as deeply healing.

Women all over the world are in need of liberation, and need to allow themselves to experience more pleasure and to radiate with their fullest satisfaction. Women reclaiming their sexual sovereignty – ruling their own sexual expression – and becoming the masters of their own bodies will ultimately help bring more harmony in the world. A woman in pleasure is a woman in power.

If you are considering receiving a yoni massage, consider what the experience could do for your relationship to your own sexuality. Imagine what it could do to help you get to know yourself and your own pleasure preferences on a deeper level. Imagine being able to meet the desirable woman you have always been face to face, allowing her to be embodied. A yoni massage can be a playground for your desires – liberate yourself to imagine all that you would find pleasurable to receive. Watch, as the world around you shifts to reflect your newfound ability to receive. Yoni massage can be absolutely magical.

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