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I Had No Idea What I Really Enjoyed in the Bedroom – Then I Found Yoni Massage Therapy Near Me

I grew up extremely sheltered. I was taught that our bodies were meant to be private, and that they were not designed for pleasure. Physical pleasure was not something we acknowledged in my home growing up. We had no conversations about touching ourselves, or touching others. It was just something that was locked away tight in a place we weren’t supposed to go. I could feel it even as a young child.

I was told to save myself for the man who I would share a marriage bed with. I was told not to let any other men touch me. For that matter, I was taught not to let anyone touch me, ever.

It was only when I began dating a man in my mid-twenties and I started to fall in love with him that I began to run into issues around my lack of experience when it comes to touch. This man who was falling in love with me wanted to touch me, and I was completely freaked out by it.

I had no idea how to respond when he wanted to touch me. I had no idea what I might like, or what might feel good. I felt completely clueless about how to touch him. I was really awkward, and really avoidant. I would make excuses to not have to engage in physical intimacy. I just wasn’t comfortable with it, and had no idea how to approach it.

This put a lot of strain on the relationship, and the man I loved ended up leaving me, because I wasn’t able to find my way to expressing physical intimacy with him comfortably.

Throughout my twenties, I continued this pattern, dating several men, seeing that they desired to get close to me, and struggling to find my way there. It became a pattern of deep frustration for me.

It wasn’t until I turned thirty that I discovered the existence of yoni massage therapy near me. At first, I thought that yoni massage was simply a happy ending massage for women. I thought you were just supposed to go, lie on a table, and allow your body and your privates to be touched until you have an orgasm. This sounded terrifying to me!

When I searched for yoni massage therapy near me

Until I started looking a little deeper into the practice, and I realized that this actually represented an opportunity for a form of intimacy therapy. Yoni massage is a practice during which one can practice intimate engagement.

There are many different levels at which one might begin, or enter into the intimate engagement. The website I discovered had a list of options available, much like a menu, and it was clear that it was possible to start off as slowly as is desired.

So, for someone like me, who was quite averse to touch, it was possible to begin with touch on top of my clothes. We could simply begin with a hug, or loving touch on top of my clothing anywhere on my body that I felt would feel good. From there, it was possible that the yoni massage practitioner could tease me beneath the edges of my clothes, or slowly help me remove them.

For someone just beginning like me, it was not recommended that the goal of the session be an orgasm. Simply just absorbing pleasurable touch would be enough for a first exposure to the practice.

After perusing the website, it was clear that I could select any form of touch I desired, and that I could come back and repeat the experience as often as I desired in order to deepen in my exploration of my own pleasure. That was enough to convince me to try to arrange this experience for myself locally. I reached out to the man with the website, told him a bit about where I was coming from, and told him that I wanted to set up an appointment.

I was so incredibly nervous on the day of the appointment, but I also felt infinitely ready to move through the challenges I had around intimate touch, so that I might actually be able to nurture a physical relationship with a lover in my life. I was ready to move past my own emotional barriers and embrace the unknown, and the feeling of true vulnerability.

During my first appointment, the yoni massage practitioner sat me down initially and we had a conversation around what I desired to experience, and what I did not desire to experience. He assured me that his only motivation was to provide me with the touch and experience that I desired, and he had no personal motivation other than the joy of providing those desires. He let me know that he was there in service of me and my emotional and physical healing, and he desired nothing for himself.

I explained to him that I had been deprived of touch for most of my life, and that my body did not associate touch with pleasure. I explained how problematic this had been in my relationships. I wanted a safe arena in which to practice physical intimacy with men so that I could create a new experience for myself.

The yoni massage offered to begin our session with essentially cuddling. I kept my clothes on, and he curled up behind me as the “big spoon,” and I worked to keep myself calm and present in my body as he ran his hands over my clothes, lightly stroking my arms and legs, my waist, my hips, my back, my stomach. I just allowed the basic sensation to relax me and build pleasure in my body. For a first session, it was more than enough.

At my next session, I told the yoni practitioner that I wanted him to begin slowly, sexually teasing me underneath my clothes. We cuddled again, and this time he lightly ran his fingers under the collar of my shirt, around the waist of my pants, a little more deliberately over my inner thighs and crotch through my clothes. I enjoyed the teasing so much, I asked if he could help me remove my clothes. I laid face down on the table, and this time asked him if he would lightly massage my whole naked body. I let myself soak in all of the sensation, and I felt my body slowly open to the possibility of experiencing sexual pleasure.

By the next session, I really felt ready to practice experiencing sexual touch. I began the session with my clothes off, face down on the table, and did my best to relax while he ran his hands up and down my body in long, slow strokes. My breathing slowed. My body melted into the table a bit. As he rubbed, he pulled my legs open wider on the table, exposing my yoni to his view. I was nervous, but what he was doing felt very exciting.

He slowly teased the insides of my thighs, the sides of my breasts and my waist, massaging my hips and then moving down to give some love to my feet. I was amazed at all of the new ways I was discovering I could enjoy being touched. I couldn’t believe I had never really allowed this to happen before.

He asked me to turn my body over, and I suddenly felt very exposed and vulnerable. He was seeing my full body naked, and I was allowing him to touch me everywhere. It was a lot to absorb.

He teased my breasts, down my belly, and focused most of his attention on my yoni. I gasped when he began tickling my clit and my labia. The amount of pleasure was so intense. I began to feel an aching and a tingling deep in my pelvis, as all of the sensation built to the point of overwhelm. He increased his pace, but kept things very gentle until I simply cascaded over into an orgasm that rippled through my whole body.

The experience honestly changed my life. It opened me up to an entirely new field of what was possible when it came to the sensation of pleasure. It cracked open a world of fun pleasure play that I had always felt separate from. After enough time with the yoni massage practitioner, I was finally able to begin to connect with men I was dating in a way that felt healthy, open and relaxed.

I finally got to feel receptive to the pleasure, and the physical love, that men wanted to give me. It radically changed my romantic experience and brought me into a new realm when it came to the bedroom. This is why I believe that yoni massage is a therapeutic and healing experience. Exploring new pleasure experiences is deeply healing and liberating. I’m so thankful I found a place that does yoni massage therapy near me.

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