Considering Receiving Your First Yoni Massage, but Have Doubts? Read THIS:

If you are feeling fearful about receiving a yoni massage, even though you feel drawn to the idea of it, please know this is a very common experience for many women. There are so many complex issues at stake for women when it comes to receiving a sexual massage experience. If you are searching for yoni massage therapy locations near me, below are a few common fears and a loving response to each of them.

“I have been looking for yoni massage therapy locations near me, but I am afraid because I am uncertain about what could happen during a session.”

When you are entering your first yoni massage, before you even lie down on the table you will have an opportunity to express both your desires and your boundaries. There is essentially a “menu” of options for you to consider when it comes to your yoni massage experience, and your job is to feel into the level of desire you have in your body when you consider experiencing each option on the menu. Does the thought of it give you a sense of turn on? Do you feel a sense of fear associated with it? Be aware, yoni massage can be a wonderful practice in which to work through sexual fears, but for an introductory experience, it is important to consider what you can feel safe and relaxed while receiving. It is likely that even just the fact that you are receiving touch from a man you don’t really know is pushing your body’s natural boundaries already, so there is no need to expand yourself beyond that during an initial yoni massage experience. A typical first yoni massage session tends to begin with a full body massage, focused on your back, shoulders and neck to begin with, then on your buttocks and legs. The yoni massage practitioner will begin to tease your more sensitive places – the sides of your breasts, your inner thighs, parts of your buttocks – and eventually will part your legs a bit to expose your yoni. He will continue to tease and lightly stroke you, bringing more and more contact to your yoni. As you get more excited, he will invite you to flip over, exposing your breasts and your yoni. He will tease and massage your breasts and nipples, the sides of your waist, your inner thighs, your pubic bone. And then finally he will focus intently upon your yoni and stoke your pleasure until you have a delicious orgasm. Any part of this process can be altered to satisfy your needs and desires. All you need to do is get clear around what you desire, and express it.

“I am afraid the yoni massage therapist will violate my boundaries. I am unsure of his intentions. It is difficult to trust someone I don’t know.”

This is a perfectly reasonable fear, considering most of us come from a culture that is in the habit of violating women’s boundaries and physical bodies as though that violation means nothing. This is the very reason why yoni massage exists. To give women an experience of what it is like to be completely in the driver’s seat of a sexual interaction – for some this is the first time they have experienced this in their lives! This is why it is so important for you to feel into your body to determine your level of desire for certain experiences. Getting clear on both what you would like to experience, and what you would not like to experience is so important so that you can experience the maximum amount of pleasure available to you in this yoni massage experience. For a yoni massage practitioner, honoring your desires and your boundaries is of the utmost importance because to not do so would take away from the pleasure you are there to experience. Your ability to relax into a sense of safety within your stated boundaries is paramount in the yoni massage experience. A yoni massage practitioner is always present with you and your body, watching to see if anything he is doing is upsetting or uncomfortable for you, even within the bounds of what you stated you desire. The goal is always your comfort, your pleasure, and your relaxation. A yoni massage practitioner will never push beyond your stated boundaries, as his motivation is your pleasure and your experience.

“I’m afraid because I believe that all men want to take advantage of me and violate my boundaries.”

A belief like this is likely based on a pattern of experiences in which you have been taken advantage of and your boundaries have been weak, if not non-existent. This is not your fault, as women have largely been culturally conditioned to not have boundaries or even to be aware of the possibility of having boundaries in place. In so many ways, women are conditioned to expect to serve men’s pleasure, and to be available to please men, disregarding what is actually pleasurable and desirable for women. Having a lack of boundaries and being used to this dynamic with men, it is possible to have a series of experiences that make it seem like no men want to respect you and give you pleasure simply for the sake of giving you pleasure. Yoni massage is a wonderful practice to help you release this belief, so that you can open yourself up to experiencing more pleasure and satisfaction through intimate interactions with men. Your interactions with one man, if positive and healing, can open up the door for you to have new and positive experiences with other men. Allowing yourself to feel safe with one man, and learning how to relax into boundaries that you can trust, can help you learn how to experience more pleasure with other men within the context of solid boundaries.

“I am married and I am not sure if it is okay for someone else to touch me.”

It is very important to communicate with your spouse about your desire to experience yoni massage, if you are married. Yoni massage is a healing experience, meant to help you expand your experience of pleasure as well as to release any blocks you are currently holding in your body that are keeping you from your full experience of pleasure. A yoni massage practitioner is trained to have professional boundaries. It is not unlike a visit to a regular massage therapist, the only difference is that the professional boundaries have been extended to include your pleasure. The yoni massage therapist is not interested in his own pleasure during this service. It is important that your husband understand the purpose of this visit, that the goal is to increase the amount of pleasure you are able to experience while with your husband. Some women like to have their husbands attend with them, if they can be comfortable with that, so that their husband can learn some more effective ways to give pleasure. It is helpful to see what works for you. Your pleasure is very important. The desire to receive a yoni massage can be an excellent opportunity to open up communication with your husband about your pleasure. If receiving a professional yoni massage is a subject you feel completely uncomfortable broaching with your husband, this is a clear sign that deeper communication is needed between the two of you in regards to your intimacy. Intimacy requires openness and vulnerability, and if those two experiences are missing in your marriage, this is one of the barriers to your experience of pleasure. If you are seeking to heal your experience with pleasure and you are married, it is very important that you somehow involve your partner in this journey. If you are arranging an appointment that you feel you have to hide from your husband, and there are immovable barriers to communication about this experience for you, then it may be necessary to pursue other avenues for increasing emotional and physical intimacy within your marriage. You deserve to be able to communicate about your pleasure.

“I am afraid because I have trauma due to sexual abuse or rape, and I’m not sure what will come up for me during a yoni massage. I am looking for yoni massage therapy locations near me that are trauma aware.”

Yoni massage can be a wonderful method for healing this trauma. When we experience trauma of this nature, our body can often hold onto it energetically, holding the fear or emotion trapped. This is one of the ways that yoni massage can help remove blockages to experiencing pleasure. This process can be extremely emotional. For a yoni practitioner, it is not uncommon for a woman to release trapped emotion while she is receiving a massage. When a woman is fully relaxed, it can allow her to just let go of what she has been holding for years. The processing of this trauma can be intensely vulnerable, and yoni massage practitioners hold this process in the highest respect. A yoni massage can actually be a really safe, healthy space to experience your full range of emotions. It can be a trustworthy environment in which you can know you are safe to experience whatever is coming up to experience. On the other side of that intense emotion or memory is the freedom to experience pleasure again. Yoni massage can be a wonderful choice to move through any difficulty experiencing pleasure.

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Sexual Containment

Energetic containment is healthy, and an important aspect of being conscious of oneself and one’s impact on others. It’s also a concept that is newly evolving, that many people are not even aware of. It begins with the recognition that we as humans are communicating and interacting with each other energetically, and we truly feel both emotional energy and sexual energy that is directed our way. It is important to learn how to create these boundaries, and to learn how to clean up leaky sexual energy.

Heal Sexual Trauma

Heal Sexual Trauma

Look for a yoni massage therapist or similar sexual professional in your area. They are becoming more and more common, because the benefits of this kind of sexual healing are showing themselves everywhere!


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It taught my husband how to give me some pretty mind-blowing pleasure. His technique has improved ten-fold! Yoni massage has changed everything for us in the bedroom. I highly recommend diving into the video series – The Best She’s Ever Had!



Yoni massage healed a giant rift in my relationship and in my connection with my own body – it allowed us to directly communicate in a new way, and life between us has not been the same since. I’m so glad I found yoni massage and was able to heal my relationship with my own body, and my interoception, so my husband and I could engage with each other in this new way.



When I first searched for yoni massage therapists who treat anorgasmia and discovered yoni massage, I never imagined it could be the practice that could help me release years of sexual dysfunction, and heal my intimate relationship with my husband, so that we could both enjoy a more fulfilling sex life. The impact of this pleasure practice has truly been profound in my life.

Specialist for Women

Sensuality Specialist for Women

It helps me to feel more empowered while dating. I’m very grateful for this yoni massage specialist for women as a sexual outlet while I am single. I’ve learned so much about pleasure in general from my experiences with the yoni massage therapist. So much key awareness around the nature of pleasure, and how to receive it fully in my body. I fully recommend this experience to learn more about your own body’s relationship to pleasure.

Vagina Anatomy

I want to learn about my Vagina Anatomy

After discovering this service, I went back multiple times to feed this desire for surrender, and to simply enjoy being pleasured by someone who knew what he was doing. I’m so glad I searched for yoni massage places so I could learn more about my vagina anatomy through that specific frame. Yoni massage became a valuable addition to my sex life, and something that I gave to myself when I felt like I was particularly in need of sexual release.

Yoni Massage Therapy Benefits

If you are considering receiving a yoni massage, consider what the experience could do for your relationship to your own sexuality. Imagine what it could do to help you get to know yourself and your own pleasure preferences on a deeper level. Imagine being able to meet the desirable woman you have always been face to face, allowing her to be embodied. A yoni massage can be a playground for your desires – liberate yourself to imagine all that you would find pleasurable to receive. Watch, as the world around you shifts to reflect your newfound ability to receive. Yoni massage therapy benefits can be absolutely magical.

Yoni Massage Near Me

Female Anal

I was so thrilled that I had been brave enough to search for yoni massage near me and try out this experience. I was so proud of myself for allowing myself to receive pleasure and just letting that be what it was about. And I was beyond excited for my next adventure, when I would challenge myself by requesting something off of the yoni massage menu that would tease my edges even more. What a thrill!

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Sex surrogate near me

Sexual companionship is available for any mature woman who is interested in catering to her own needs, desires, and pleasure. It is a great idea to search for sex surrogate near me and find a companion like this. It is a deeply fulfilling and satisfying exchange that can play a powerful role in happiness and quality of life. Consider exploring the possibilities for yourself!

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